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Phantom – Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1 (1974)

 Phantom's Divine Comedy es otra de esas obras de CULTO que se forjaron a base de leyendas. El álbum está cargado de una atmosfera oscura/melancólica, y presenta una performance bastante esmerada en donde se puede apreciar una base instrumental decente, ligeros elementos progresivos y cambios de ritmos. Es un trabajo prometedor a cuestas y a pesar de que muchos la consideran "un trabajo de talla mediana", es bastante respetable y de aceptada reputación de "oscuro", pero seremos franco, el álbum tiene ciertos problemas que empañan la performance un poco, no es un álbum destacable/detestable pero se podrían mejor ciertos conceptos que se querían dar, en parte  me suenan muy sencillos, si los músicos hubieran sido más creativos soltando un poco más de  lisérgica hubieran sobresalido, aun así a me parece que es un trabajo a reivindicar ya que logra captar muy bien la atención del oyente por todo lo que representa. Según cuenta la leyenda Jim no habría muerto en real

BUDGIE - Never turn your back on a friend

El grupo Metallica nunca ha ocultado sus preferencias por este grupo de hecho ha realizado algunas versiones de sus temas, "Crash course in brain surgery" o "Breadfan", y si esta gente se ha fijado en Budgie será por algo.

La banda no adoptó el nombre actual hasta 1.968 fue el momento en que se constituyeron como trio. En 1.971 graban su primer LP  en el que destaca "Homicidal Suicidal" versioneado posteriormente por Soundgarden.  Su segundo disco llega en 1.972 "Squawk" y fueron sacando hasta once discos en estudio. Sobrevivieron incluso al New Wave of_British Heavy Metal llegando a ser cabeza de cartel en el festival de Reading. En 1.988 la banda se disolvió.

Este es el tercer disco de su discografía grabado en 1.973, el cuál represento un gran éxito. El disco abre con un potente "Breadfan" para continuar con una versión del "Baby Please Don´t Go", le sigue una balada a modo de preámbulo para el tema de casi nueve minutos " You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk" con un solo de batería en el inicio. Budgie sabía combinar muy bien los temas cañeros con los más suaves y la prueba está en los tres temas que cierran el disco.
Supongo que ya habréis adivinado que el creador de la portada es Roger Dean.


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  1. Oh, yes, I am an avid fan of Budgie for many years, so I'll allow myself on a slightly longer comment...(sorry)
    It is a sin...without knowing anything about them,and blasphemy not appreciate them the acquis artistic,I say with full knowledge this is Absolutely cult the band with a distinctive sound and the vocalist voice with a very rarely encountered tones!

    Budgie -
    Welsh group was formed in Cardiff in 1967 Formed composed of bassist / vocalist Burke Shelley, guitarist Brian Goddard, drummer Ray Phillips and Budgie named Droppings, contested by the pastor, the musicians who make available a room for rehearsals. (Apparently the band name is taken from the television series.) History, however, denied that himself Burke Shelley in an interview with Only Rock magazine in 2004. Reportedly, the group initially called the Six Ton Budgie. In later years, under the same name performed original drummer Budgie - Ray Phillips. Soon the musicians joined by second guitarist Tony Bourge, and Goddard left the group. Originally inspired by the achievements of the band The Beatles, but soon began to strive to achieve a stronger wording in the style of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

    It seems to me that the budgie does not define the genre, but it is moving and can therefore still comparing them to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. A similarities can not fail to notice (or rather hear) the band still has a lot of their great and original compositions and it is thanks to them it is commonly believed that the only ones able to compete with the giants of contemporary heavy music. Personally, this is one of my favorite bands of those years .. very nice to admit today that Poland was the exception in this regard, while appreciating the team in a timely manner and extent, mainly through invaluable radio station"3" Piotr Kaczkowski.

    This band really stand out with the 70s crowd. They move like no other, they rock like no other, and they feel the music like no other. There is some really great soul put into their music by each and every one of the three members. The music screams at me, or better put, SQUAWKS at me. Though I haven't listened to all of their albums, I can't imagine them going bad, if they keep their style. Pain medicine is weak compared to the abilities of this band. They play rock like the wind, and roll like the sea. They jam like the earth , and prog like the inner flame all of us.

    It's hard to believe today, but in 1982,band heavy rock broke the iron curtain ( was communism in Poland) and played concerts in my country, and in addition in Bydgoszcz in my town, I remember this event well, the tickets were expensive, but people were so hungry the music, that tickets diverged in the blink of an eye. At the time, I learn in school... and not earning own money,remember gathered a large group of young people and started to push the fence, despite the police protection... got the batons after the head and in fact... after throughout the body, but managed to... (Milicja) They me did not catch .. I was faster than a hurricane ... hehehe) it was a great day ... . will never forget!

  2. If someone wants to have only one album Budgie (which is in itself meaningless - you have to have at least the first 5 albums ...) decide, it's powienien this released in 1973, heavyrock masterpiece! British, remastered edition of the genius, the third album that contains, among others Breadfan and Parents - the two most popular recordings of major formations. Besides, the best version of Baby Please Do not Go and crushing his ears In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand. The bonuses include Original, brilliant clip Breadfan (from the studio of 1973 - even with Ray Phillips) and 2 new wersjez 2004. Absolute Necessity!!!

    Burke Shelley is one of the highlights of the album. It roars like the throat of a monstrous whale. It rams the music forward into stardom. And it fills in perfectly where it is needed in the music. His voice is as eerie as the wind whistling upon the nooks and crannies of a mountain. His voice is as a flute. Strong and tremendous, but very pleasant to hear indeed. He keeps attacking the song with his voice as if every breathe he speaks he were actually eating the song up, grokking the music. His voice is soft cheese to my ears, and his bass is a fine donut.

    Tony Bourge adds a drop of whiskey to the music with his drowning guitar. His passion show fruitfully, and he truly is a beast. It jams with the infernal light of ingenuity. The guitar and bass truly act as throughout the entire album so well that you would think it was one guitar on one really fat neck.

    Ray Philips is a true drummer. He knows where to put the beats. And his drums are a true backbone to this music. THe drums are bloodbrothers with the bass completely. They work so well together. The true warriors, and barbarians dissappeared, rebirthing as rock and rollers! So every rock and roll fan is a true is a warrior at heart.

    "Never Turn Your Back On A Friend" is the third and recognized by me as the best album in the discography of the band ....Years pass, and this album still shines like a diamond noblest, which nothing can overshadow. And only one still can not understand why this album did not give Budgie fame and wealth.And in the era of absolute hegemony of hard rock ..
    This CD stands on my shelf next to the greatest albums in rock history, and it does not by coincidence. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend is a manifestation of artistic apogee Budgie. Absolutely brilliant from first to last second. It's no longer just a great play. Not only the freshness, the elements, and good sound. Here, above all, the compositions themselves are paramount. In this monumental one, starts from ... hurricane, which in a mad rush with great fury, sweeping everything in its path. Breadfan, because it is this phenomenon called, is a thrilling rush whirl on the wave of great guitar riff proudly przybrudzonym "fuzzowanym" sound. The ideal material for the opening concert, and trampled on the public good morning several thousand men. I know something about this because I was lucky to experience it, but not during the show Budgie, but Metallica (who also recorded the song in the studio).


  3. What could be on the album after this opening? If you can not play anything more daring, it is best to surprise. Well, it worked out.Blues standard Baby Please Do not Go performed by Budgie took a completely new blushes. Welsh trio did not fell on his knees before the original. Treated him with great bravado, giving it a completely new, decidedly rock identity, pouring their own sauce to the extent that this work is here as the author's composition. Earlier he did similar wonders probably only Cream ... Also on the album Budgie trend remained faithful to his hardrockowych interlacing delicate balladkami calm cool stuff. But these the local - You Know I'll Always Love You and Riding My Nightmare - its airiness and charm soar far above the usual major-zapchajdziur. And the contrast between them and the fiery killerami (even worsened ballad Breadfana insertion in the middle!) Gives this album a great variety. And if the question killerach ... Bearing in mind You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk and In The Grip Of A Hand Tyrefitter's really hard for better terms. What we have here?Knocking the legs riffs, blazing energy, feisty rough sound. All three drove as if some mysterious power, incredible inspiration.

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  5. I do not know do you know but there are problems with your blog, often there is an error - This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
    So I write in installments...as far as possible (access)

    And finally the finale. La grande finale. Song-monument. One of rock anthems. One of the greatest rock wonders ever revealed to the world. "Parents". Composition, one might say, unusual for this team. For hard rock or blow, or a subtle ballad thumbnail. Indeed, a ballad, but how Swing, inspired, at times pathetic. How many reflection in it incredible! Some indescribable nostalgia! And to create all this magic affects a lot of very specific elements: vocal party Shelley - pure honey for the soul, rocking rhythm section - real bliss, the guitar solos - Tony Bourge plays its vital parts, perfectly adjusting to the climate of the composition and adding to it yourself. Also make a great impression that appear in the final sounds of birds (parrots is probably not, rather, gulls), which indicates that someone from the arranger at the right time in the right place he used his great imagination, arrangement of unprecedented power of expression with such instruments. The theme of the main guitar riff is sloping, the recording starts and who comes back several times after the chorus. The verses are less dynamic, based on an acoustic guitar backing and gentle sounds of electric guitar. After a few verses of wyśpiewaniu brief suggestive chorus though the main theme returns and begins a great guitar solo classes lasting two and a half minutes. From the beginning of the subdued and subtle forms a highly reflective atmosphere. With the passage of a more dynamic record, is more aggressive. The band weaves an additional guitar effects imitating the cries of gulls. The solo ends with the main theme and the singer goes to sing the other verses. At the end speaks again a fantastic guitar. Come back screaming gulls, the sounds of the sea and recording noise is muted. All the musicians stood out in this video. I really like the rhythm section. Interesting text, moving generational problems. Parents throw away from each other commandments and prohibitions, but all they had a child and faith. Mature young man enters into force lost the values ??which he passed, he can not understand the world as it is too difficult for him, he does not know where to go, how objective was the way? The frustration resulting from the loss sounds a little pessimistic and sometimes raises the suspicion that the young man has had enough. The last stanza pay a little optimism. Choosing your own path in life brings internal and external problems, but parents remain and are ready to charge the batteries. Despite the fact that once were so forceful and seemingly deprived of forbearance.Although slapping meaningless texts seemingly irrelevant to the young man. What if the life of man is not in love? Undercut him and dołuje. Do not forget, however, that still has the love of parents. Are his parents were right? He begins to understand that, yes. Upland!!!


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